Nursing Home in Arthur IA

If you or a loved one is debating whether or not to turn over the house for a life in a nursing home of assisted living facility in Arthur IA, it is important to know the differences between these two different types of geriatric care.

Nursing Homes

In movies and in the news nursing homes are often vilified as places where the elderly are not taken care of properly, sexually assaulted, or experimented upon. This view that the people in this homes are being prayed upon is enough to turn many people off to the idea of a nursing home. However, in reality, most nursing homes in Arthur IA are well run facilities where the residents are taken care of in their last years of their lives.

The benefits of a nursing home is that the people are under 24 hour surveillance care, because they are either sick and need medication, or they have reached the stage in life where they are not able to take care of themselves (cannot feed or go to the bathroom for themselves). The people who run and work in a nursing home in Arthur IA are fully qualified nurses, or an R.N. Registered nurses are and staff doctor are the people who are always available for the people in nursing homes in case something goes wrong or they need medical care.

Sometimes people enter into nursing homes because they have recently been in an accident and need some time and care to heal before moving out back on their own. In these cases, sometimes Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance will pay for this limited time spent in a nursing home. However, these health insurance institutions rarely will pay for long-term nursing care stay or care.

Assisted Living Facility

Assisted Living Facilities in Arthur IA are not for people who cannot take care of themselves, they are for those elderly people who can do most of the basic life functioning things (like dressing themselves and taking their medication), but need a little extra help and watchful eye to make sure they are okay. Most elderly people live by themselves, and if something happened to them, no one would know. In this case, the residents are constantly checked on, but given much more freedom and independence.

Retirement Homes

Nursing Care

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